Hi! My name is Linda. I started traveling on my own in 2001. A good friend of mine was concluding a study abroad semester in Ireland and invited me to visit. The travel bug bit me hard on that trip. I dreamed of a life globe-trotting from one exotic destination to the next. Unfortunately, back home, the reality of bills, student loans, and a mortgage quickly eclipsed my intrepid dreams. It was not long before I gave up on my desire and focused on my career, post-graduate education, and being a “responsible adult.” Fast forward 15 years. After some serious personal setbacks (including divorce) and a health crisis, I decided to pursue my own happiness. Traveling more became my top goal.

Here are two things you should know about my travel style:

Most of my journeys are solo trips because I am impatient and don’t always want to wait for a partner to travel with me. Traveling solo can be a challenge, especially for women. It also has its benefits and in my opinion, can be a rewarding, life-changing experience.

I am a woman with a regular job and regular bills. Therefore, I look for money-saving deals to get the most BANG for my travel buck. It requires a bit of research to find these deals, but it means that I can travel more and do more at my destination.

Do you dream of traveling more? Is lack of money or travel partners stopping you from taking a trip? I hope this blog will inspire you to live your best travel life now, no matter your personal or financial situation.