Saturday, September 1, 2018

Five Things About My Trip to Sydney

My trip to Sydney, Australia, fully lived up to expectations. What a splendid city! I am planning a return trip because five days was not nearly enough time.

I am going through my pictures and collecting my thoughts about the trip. Here are some quick impressions of Sydney and some things I loved about the city.

Coffee on Every Corner

I expected to see plenty of pubs in Sydney because of the British influence. However, I think there were many more coffee shops than pubs. Sydneysiders LOVE coffee! A fresh cup was never more than a block away. The fragrant aroma of coffee beans was always in the air. A good thing I like the smell of coffee.

A small word of warning. Drip coffee, like we drink in America, is not popular. Espresso-based drinks dominate the menus. I find espresso too strong and heavy to drink more than once or twice a day so I couldn't indulge in the coffee culture as much as I wanted. However, I did taste some wonderful flat whites during my time in Sydney.

Public Restrooms - YASSSS!

Since my time in Sydney was limited, I was sightseeing from sunrise to sunset. Being out and about for that long, I was a bit concerned about answering nature's call. No need to worry at all because Sydney has plenty of public toilets. I'm not talking porta-potties either. I mean real bathrooms. Most of the subway stations had them, and there were some tucked away on the streets in the Central Business District. Even businesses wouldn't trip if you asked to use their restroom without buying something. A refreshing difference between the US and Australia.

Moving Around on Trains, Buses, and Ferries

Sydney has one of the nicest, cleanest, and efficient public transportation systems that I've ever ridden. I traveled throughout the city, from the CBD, to Surry Hills, to Mosman and Manly, only using public transportation or walking. I did not take one Uber the whole trip because I didn't have too. The trains, buses, and ferries transported me where I wanted to go.

Sydney is built along the water, so reliable ferry service represents a fundamental component of local transportation. For a few dollars, I was able to travel across Sydney quickly and capture breathtaking views of the magnificent harbor. It was a gorgeous and cost-effective way to travel.

Just Like The Pictures

One of the things I love about traveling is seeing iconic, recognizable landmarks with my own eyes. However, I have found that quite often seeing a place in person doesn't live up to the hype. Sydney did not suffer that fate. The Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach all looked exactly as I had seen in pictures and imagined in my mind. Maybe it was the abundant sunshine or the warmer than average weather, but I think Sydney was more beautiful in person than I had expected.

Strange animals

I spent some time at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. I am not a nature-lover, but even I was impressed with the number of animals unique to Australia. Of course, there were koala bears and kangaroos but so much more. Wombats, wallabies, platypuses, kookaburras, gigantic saltwater crocs, and my personal favorite, Tasmanian devils. It was amazing to observe these exotic animals in living color, in their homeland.

My trip to Sydney was a terrific experience. I plan to share more in the upcoming weeks, and hopefully, inspire you to travel down under.

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